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Bathroom Remodeling

For many, the bathroom is no longer a simple space. While bathrooms serve a functional purpose, they also can be a retreat, a personal space that provides comfort and relaxation

A remodel can bring your home's elegance and your sense of style to your bathroom. The results can transform how you think and about and use this space

We at Crecco Remodeling can either revive your current space, leaving the same layout of counters, tub, shower and toilet, or start from scratch to create a whole new look.

If space allows, we can expand your bath area, like those found in many of the new homes today. Many designs include oversized tubs, separate “his” and “hers” showers, dressing tables, and even a nook for a sitting area.

The makeover process starts with a visit and a careful study of your existing bath. You'd be surprised at how just a little creativity can turn an ordinary or out-of-date space into one of the most beautiful spots in your home.

Even a small bath can be made to look bigger with mirrored walls and better lighting.

In addition, materials of every texture, style and shape can beautify floors and countertops.

How we work:

You can purchase the material yourself and we give you a price for the labor, or we can include a material allowance based on your budget. Taking advantage of our full range of services minimizes the stress and bother of remodeling your home – and saves you money.

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